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About us
Tree of Life Publishing House originated from a book ministry of Saint-Petersburg Christian Church «Tree of Life». The ministry had been editing, designing and printing church training materials — that's how our first title ABC. From Conversion to Baptism came to existence. In July of 2007 we began to publish independently.

Contemporary. Russian. Protestant.
We were born in Russia. We live in St-Petersburg. We protest that for a valuable individual and social life there must be transformation and regeneration. We specialize in publishing literature that reflects Christian values.

Nature of Business
Our major activity is publishing modern, urgent and quality Christian literature. We work with Russian and foreign authors, find and adopt titles, reprint and translate books. We are involved in a variety of publishing, educational and social projects.
Design studio ArtMinistry functions within the scopes of the company's business. Jointly, we offer a full range of publishing, design and polygraph services:
  • Print layout development
  • Editing, correcting, proofing and translating
  • Graphic design
  • Polygraph services and final prints
  • Development and promotion of websites of any degree of complexity
  • Redesign and optimization of existing websites
  • Web hosting and management consulting
  • Carrying out of advertisement campaigns
In association with Russian-German consulting company Bauf & Suchkov, LLC, we offer services in management consulting and integrated maintenance of various projects.
You are not alone. Aleksey Galkin
by Aleksey Galkin
God in Flesh. Aleksey Shishkov
by Aleksey Shishkov
ABC. From Conversion to Baptism. Aleksey Shishkov
by Aleksey Shishkov
A Return to First Love. Aleksey Shishkov
by Aleksey Shishkov
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